What is 100 point identification?

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January 15, 2016
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What is 100 point identification?

You may have come across this term before, and wondered what exactly does it mean?

It is not as complex as you think. 100 point identification gives the organization which you are applying to a proof of your identity. It gives the organization confidence in you. So, the question now is, how exactly do you give 100 point identification? Refer to the table below for the documents which give ‘points’ and then decide which ones you have available and choose how many do you need to complete 100 ‘points’. You must provide at least one primary identification document and one or more secondary identification documents.

Document point Value Primary Document
70 points Birth certificate
70 Points Birth card issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
70 Points Citizenship certificate
70 Points Australian passport (Current or Expired passport which has not been cancelled and was current within the preceding two year)
70 Points Other document of identity having the same characteristics as a passport including diplomatic documents and some documents issued to refugees

One of the secondary documents MUST contain a photograph. Your initial secondary document will be awarded 40 points, any additional documents will be awarded 25 points each.

Document point Value Secondary Document
40 or 25 points Australian Driver’s License
40 or 25 points Australian Learner’s Permit
40 or 25 points Australian Firearm Licence
40 or 25 points Federal or State Government employee photo identity
40 or 25 points Tertiary Education Institute photo identity
40 or 25 points Centrelink or social security card
25 points Medicare card
25 points Counsil rates notice
25 points Property lease/rental agreement
25 points Property insurance papers
25 points Vehicle registration or insurance papers
25 points Utility bills(Phone, Water, Electricity etc)
25 points Credit/Account card or Bank statement/passbook

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