HLTAID003 – Provide first aid

HLTAID003 – Provide first aid


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to a casualty. The unit applies to all workers who may be required to provide a first aid response in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings.

The unit applies to any individual, particularly those who support others within a personal care setting and are required to respond to a first aid emergency, including asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies.

Prime Education Institute does not guarantee that the student will:

  • be accepted for enrolment
  • successfully complete the course enrolled
  • gain entry into further tertiary courses
  • gain employment
  • Be able to successfully complete the course if they are assessed not competent in each unit/module present in their course
  • Successfully complete the course if the student/learner does not complete the amount of training determined for them by Prime Education Institute

Course Structure

2 days blended learning course with scheduled classes and structured self- study.

Classes are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, which includes 30 mins break.

  • 8 hours of face to face lecture (Day 1)
  • 4 hours of structured self-study
  • 2 hours of face to face lecture (Day 2)
  • 6 hours of Simulated practical assessments (Day 2)

What employment opportunities will be available to you

This qualification may assist students in gaining employment in the following sectors, given that the students has the required formal qualification for industries listed below (e.g. you have certificate III in individual support, but having current HLTAID003 certificate will increase your chances of getting a job):

  • Aged or Disability Care
  • Primary or Secondary School System
  • Industrial Workplaces

For more information about these jobs like there future prospects, please visit joboutlook.gov.au


The full fees for this course is $120.